As the blossoms of spring are falling. The temperatures rise; and fall when it rains but you know, summers are here!

With summers at the door, you need to restock the armory.

Are you prepared? Prepared for the hot and balmy days __

The simplest solution is to wear the right kind of clothes. I know! it’s difficult to choose out of thousands of fabrics of multiple layers and multi and multiple colors, especially when it’s hot. The secret is to know the simplicity; not complexity. Let me share how can you choose the best out in the market.


J.’s Cotton Kurta

Now whoever is a Kurta fan, I can bet he has his eyes on these light, cool, decent colored Kurtas. If would definitely prefer them. Honestly speaking, to rate the cooling effect, it is 10/10. The colors are amazing. So if you are looking for a Kurta, don’t wait, cause the sale is out there on J. summer collection.



Oxford’s Shirts

Now, who doesn’t know Oxford? Whether you talk about Casual Shirts or T-Shirts, it has an amazing demand out in the fashion market. The new summer collection is out there. Many of the designs are already out of stock. It is no doubt of platinum quality on affordable price. So why not! You too go and grab one.



Decent Mango Ts

MANGO!__ Their Ts are simply good. Man, you should just see them. Their quality, the decency of colors is more than enough to make anyone look attractive. Talking about the collared T. Oh! that has such a simplistic charming effect. The fabric itself is also light. Rarely we get something of both quality plus cooling effect.


Royal Tag’s Stock

You should check out Royal Tag’s summer suits. They are so gracious. The stitching, the fitting and the level of comfort is at its best. You wouldn’t feel like in some kind of restriction.

Other than their summer suits, their Colar Ts are what make its name literal. You will feel royal in that the perfect type of graceful fitting. Fit around the arm, slight curve just below the chest, fit on chest making shoulders prominent.



Leisure Club’s Stylish

Talking about fashion, how can we forget the Leisure Club’s dashing Ts. You would probably love them if you are a fashion and style centered guy. Well, who wouldn’t!. Their designs are unique and modern. You will see less boring and more exciting designing on their Ts. 


If we compare Royal Tag’s Polo with Leisure Club’s, we simply can’t choose one. HAHA____ I would love to have both of them.

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